Portable Pet Auto12 volt air conditioners & evaporative coolers.

Pet Air Cooler AC Units Swamp Auto Air conditioner KoolerAire

Portable 12 volt pet air conditioner / cooler for: Pets, boats, tents, campers, trucks, auto's and RV's!

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Portable pet air conditioner / cooler in the media.

This is the actual TV commercial which features how the KoolerAire air conditioner functions and just how portable it truly is. High Speed connection recommended!

12 Volt Air conditioning for pets autos and so much more.                              Pet air conditioner

or listen to the KoolerAire "Audio Only" version here   Pet Auto Evaporative Coolers and Air Conditioners

Twelve volt air conditioning has never been more portable and affordable than it is today. Only KoolerAire can transform your existing ice chest into a totally self contained 12 volt air conditioner for just $39.95!

Text version:

Check this out this is one cool new product. Never sweat another night in your tent, boat, or RV. Don't suffer another day in a stuffy office or in any room without air conditioning. Get cooler air anywhere with KoolerAire. Turn your cooler into a mini air conditioner perfect for boating, camping, traveling, and so much more. How does it work? Easy, just fill your chest with ice, add KoolerAire and plug into any 12 volt cigarette adapter and enjoy hours of crisp, cool refreshing air. Its an attractive, compact unit with its powerful, whisper quite fan which only uses a little power. Why spend hundreds even thousands for portable air conditioning when you can get kool air anywhere with KoolerAire. Bring a little comfort to the great outdoors for you or a loved one and enjoy a ice chilled breeze!


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Portable Pet Auto Air Coolers AC Swamp Air Conditioner 12 Volt KoolerAire

Offers twelve air cooling and swamp style AC Cooling systems for Pets boats campers RV's home office auto aircraft trucks tents anywhere

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